Round Rustic
All of our products are made in the bakery by hand using the finest ingredients. No additives, improvers or stabilizers are used.

We use a traditional three day, carefully controlled long fermentation which breaks down the wheat and gluten. This makes the sourdough breads easier to digest and tastier.

Flour, Water and Salt from the sea. Simple enough?

Our Sourdough Bread

* Mild White (800g)        £2.85

* Rustic (800g)                 £2.90

* Rye 100% (800g)           £2.95

* Malthouse (400g)          £2.20

* Wholemeal (500g)        £2.40

* Spelt (400g)                    £3.25

* Rustic Caraway (800g) £3.00

Our speciality sourdough loaves include Olive, Walnut, Sundried Tomato, Roast Potato and Rosemary and Seeded Malthouse.

Our Yeasted Bread

* Latchen (800g)              £2.50

* Ciabatta (400g)              £2.00

* Baguette (200g)             £1.20

These breads are left overnight to develop a fuller flavour.

Our Pastries

* Croissant                        £1.60

* Almond Croissant        £2.00

* Pain au Chocolat          £1.90

* Pain au Raisin               £2.00

Our scrummy Croissant and Pain au Chocolat are also made over three days. That is why they taste so good.

Our cakes are also lovingly prepared and we are ready to make more as they disappear before our eyes. Any cakes can be pre-ordered if you have a special visitor or just want the whole one to yourself!

For your lunchtime cravings, we offer Sausage Rolls (free range local pork), Pizza by the slice, Toasties, Sandwiches and Seasonal Soup with Bakehouse Bread.

For further information on ingredients and allergens please email us with your contact details.

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